Jennifer is an amazing healer!

Jennifer is an amazing healer! She has the ability to find the things you hide deep within yourself, sometimes you even hide from yourself and help you deal with them on a conscious level. I highly recommend if you are contemplating using her services you do it now. You will be so glad you did!

Carol - Facebook Review

Very comfortable setting

 Very comfortable setting, professional and seemed to have real results. I was able to move forward in my life after having experienced some very challenging relationship and personal issues.

Neiko - Hypnotic Dreamwork

I feel better emotionally

I loved my Reiki session! I feel better emotionally. I don’t feel tired. Which was something I had been dealing with for a while. Thank you so much Jennifer!

Gabriela - Facebook Review

I feel so much joy and peace now

I just had the most amazing spiritual hypnosis session with Jennifer! She is so sweet and put me at ease quickly. I feel so much joy and peace now that I hadn't felt in a while. She helped me to remove blocks that were keeping me feeling stuck and struggling. Helped me to regain access to that higher part of myself. Thank you so much Jennifer! I will definitely schedule an appointment with you in the future.

Tiffany - Facebook Review

Jennifer is Phenomenal

Jennifer is Phenomenal! She helped me uncover some blocks I had using past life regression. She took extra time out of the kindness of her heart to counsel me! I highly recommend using her! 

Update (Jan. 2017)~ In a recent session Jennifer also helped me connect with my spirit guide in an automatic writing session. It was an experience I will never forget! Jennifer has many gifts!

Krista Buzz - Facebook Review 

She is masterfully intune with her practice

Jennifer is amazing! She is very in tune with her abilities, attentive to the needs and desires of the client and skilled in creating a space of comfort and trust in which to focus on healing. I had been searching for a hypnotherapist that could assist me with connecting to myself, my intuition and gain clarity on the situation my life was in. I called her and immediately felt comfortable, like talking with a friend and felt that I was heard. We set up an appointment for a higher self connection followed by a past life regression/life between lives therapy. The first session was conducted over skype and I gracefully and clearly was able to connect to what I had been seeking, with her assistance. The past life regression/life between lives followed later in the week and she stayed in contact with me to assist in focusing my questions for the session and clarifying my intentions. When I arrived for the session she made sure to guide me to the most restful state possible while still conscious and quickly traveled through my questions. The process was absolutely phenomenal and is up there with my most moving and spiritual experiences! I gained a connection to my being that has renewed my faith in all of creation and eased the pains I felt. I urge anyone pondering if hypnosis can aid in improving their lives to get in touch with Jennifer. She is masterfully intune with her practice!

Higher Self - Google Review