Have we lived before?

Do our Souls reincarnate as a natural form of progression towards enlightenment?

Through a Past Life - Life Between Lives Regression Session, you may be able to find answers to some of life's most baffling questions.

Some important information that may be obtained:​

  • Learn why we are here and what lessons you are supposed to be learning in this lifetime
  • Discover your Soul Purpose and if you are following your Life Path
  • Release karma that may have been carried forward from another life 
  • Find answers to unexplained pain or discomfort you may have
  • Learn who your Soulmate is and if that person is currently in your life now
  • Learn who is in your Spirit Family or Soul Group
  • and so much more.....

A Past Life Regression session with me, also includes a Life Between Lives Regression where you pass on in that Past Life and go to the Spirit World or Afterlife. Here you can ask many questions and may encounter Passed Loved Ones, your Angels and Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, your Council of Elders, the Divine or Holy Spirit, discover your Soul Group or Soulmate, gain access to the Akashic Records and much more.....

A Past Life - Life Between Lives Regression is done in 2 seperate sessions. 

Session 1 - A 60-Minute Consultation to prepare you for your Regression. During this session we will discuss any questions you may have, decide what questions you want answered and learn more about what happens during a Past Life - Life Between Lives Regression.

We then set a date for the actual Regression, usually within one week after your consultation appointment.  

Session 2 - Regression - For this session, you will be placed into a medium to deep hypnotic state in order to access your deep subconscious/superconscious mind where all information and knowledge is stored and access to the Spiritual Realm may be obtained.

Recommendations for the day of your regression: 

  • This session is recorded. A USB Drive is required if you would like a copy of your recorded session
  • No caffeine or stimulants 4 hours prior to scheduled session. 
  • Wear loose fitting comfortable clothing.
  • Eat a light meal a minimum of 1-2 hour prior to session.
  • Do some light stretching.

This will help minimize any discomfort during your session.

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"What I do know from my own experience is you will feel enlightened beyond anything you have ever known." ~Jen