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About Us

"All knowledge and wisdom can be found within." ~Louise Hay

Spirit Inspired Healing is a holistic approach to healing of the Spirit on all levels. All aspects of an individual's emotional, psychological, physical, and spiritual wellbeing are taken into consideration when designing a plan of action.

Here you will find a personally fulfilling healing space where you can relax and be yourself in a non-judgemental environment while working on removing, releasing and resolving blocks and barriers or old patterns and behaviors that no longer serve you, helping you to embrace your soul purpose, become your true and higher self, and overcome obstacles in your life. 

Ultimately, restoring balance to Mind, Body & Spirit.

The possibility of accomplishing this is enhanced by utilizing the power of your subconscious/unconscious and superconscious mind through Hypnosis and Spiritual Regression, Life or Spiritual Coaching, and Energy Intuitive Bodywork.​

Spiritual Hypnosis & Regression Services

Past Life Regression 

Life Between Lives Regression

Dream Therapy/​Hypnotic Dreamwork

Angel & Spirit Guide Connection

​Guided Angel Writing​

Akashic Records

Other Services

General Hypnosis

Life Coaching

Spiritual Coaching

Meditation Classes

Workshops & Training 

Energy Intuitive Bodywork




Embrace Your Soul Purpose

Often we find ourselves "feeling stuck". This often happens when we are off path of our souls true life purpose or mission. To get "unstuck" sometimes an intervention or assistance is necessary. 

Life Coaching and/or Spiritual Coaching, along with Hypnosis and/or Spiritual Regression through Hypnosis can help you release, remove, and resolve blocks and barriers or old patterns and behaviors that no longer serve you, assisting you to step fully into your destined path.


Become Your True & Higher Self

Our Divine Purpose or Calling is predetermined by us before incarnating on the earth plane. As a Spiritual Practitioner, it is my ultimate responsibility to inspire those seeking purpose and meaning in their life to find the wisdom inside oneself to help them work through many of life's challenges and issues that may be holding them back from becoming their true and higher self. 


Overcome Obstacles In Your Life

By opening up our mind to the infinite possibilities of the universe, we can overcome any obstacles in our life. 


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